Wash and Fold

Wash and Fold service: In today’s busy world we don’t always have time to do our own laundry.  Let us do it for you!  Simply drop off your clothing with our laundry professionals and we will take personal care of your clothing.  Whites, colors, and delicates are separately and washed with premium laundry detergents with fabric softeners to ensure the highest quality when returned to you fresh, clean and neatly folded,  socks are matched and all returned to you wrapped up nice and tidy like a present all for just $1.20/lb. There is a 10 lb minimum for Wash and Fold order.

Free Pick up and delivery service: We can pick up and deliver your laundry and dry-cleaning, with free pickup and delivery.  Simply give us a call at (732) 844-8492 or from our website and we will arrange where and when to pick up your laundry.